Robin Miller's "Music From Angels" [Arizona's "Good News" Newspaper, Vol 8 No 12] by Mary D. Bell

     How does a rock musician playing in smoky bars start playing music from the angels? We can't foresee how our gifts will come to us, or when or how Spirit can transform our lives. Robin Miller has an inspiring story to tell about how he started playing music from the angels. Robin tells how e can connect with the Angelic Kingdom, callings in our own personal angels. Angels are all around, just waiting for us to tune in.

     Robin wasn't always associated with angels. He was a pretty average guy, living a fast track rock and roll musician's life-style in Detroit and L.A., before moving to Sedona and being awarded, "New Age Artist of The Year" in 1993 by Arizona Entertainment Awards.

     Yes, Spirit had plans Robin could never have imagined in the old rock and roll days. How id he become an internationally acclaimed musician who's been said to virtually reach into the should and promote healing and peace of mind? How does a man, who has been seen by many to be accompanied by angels, play his hauntingly beautiful music?

     Famous psychic Iris Belhayes told Robin years ago that angelic music was going to greatly increase and he was going to be helping millions. He was skeptical and couldn't understand why this music would come through him. But he stayed open and receptive, meditated often, and became a channel for heavenly music.

     "Mommy, look at the angel by that man!" Silence fell on the courtyard in Tlaquepaque, a popular Sedona shopping plaza. Diners stopped mid-bite, necks craning in response to the child's excited shout. It's not uncommon for children to spot angels around Robin as he plays his keyboard music. Maybe that's because his music is said to come directly from the angels.

     Miller began recording music from the angels in 1987. Fooling around one day in a friend's recording studio with his new electric piano, something happened. Song after song came through, and "Magical Spheres" was completed while his friend was on a dinner break! As Robin tells it, "the music definitely came through him, the instrument, from higher realms." Recording first in L.A., Robin went on to record "Transcendence" and "In The Company Of Angels" in magical Sedona, assisted again by the angels. Other angelic music he has recorded include "From My Heart" and "Nightfall In Paradise." 

     World-renowned psychics James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne have seen and heard angels around Robin. Van Praagh is the #1 best-selling author of Talking to Heaven.  Dannion Brinkley, author of best seller, Saved By The Light, was struck by lightning, died, and returned with intact memories of the other side. Brinkley heard Robin play, immediately began to cry, and declared his music to be the very same music he heard after he died—music from Heaven. World famous psychic healer Sylvia Browne, with whom Robin toured after she saw him and the angels around him, said this: "Robin's music comes directly from the angels." His music can be found on her tapes as well as backing Van Praagh's meditations.

Robin's angel music saved a North Carolina woman from suicide. She had recently lost her husband and baby daughter in a tragic car accident. Despondent and depressed, she saw no reason to live. She had lined up an assortment of pill bottles and was in her kitchen thinking about which pills to take first. From the other room, she heard the sounds of heavenly music. The TV was on, and she walked in to find Robin Miller playing a 60 second spot on the syndicated show, "The Other Side." She heard the music, shut her eyes and instantly felt her baby daughter's tiny arms wrapped around her neck, and her husband at her side. She felt him tell her not to do it, not to take her life—there was more here for her to do, they were fine, they could see her and were close to her. She dropped to the floor, tears pouring from her eyes. In that instant her life shifted—she wanted to live, for them and for the love they told her was waiting for her. Robin gets calls and letters like this all the time from grateful people who experience healing and miracles through his music.

     Why do angels make themselves known through sacred music? Spiritual visionary and author E.J. Michael, writes about angels in his newest book, The Alchemy of Sacred Living: Creating a Culture of Light. Michael talked about the connection between angels and inspired music like Robin's.

     "Sacred or inspired music can be a gateway to higher worlds," reflects Michael. He explains in his book how the ancients taught that music originated in songs of angels. The word "music" comes from the Greek word for the graceful angelic spirits that inspired all the arts: The Muses. Music can harmonize the soul, becoming a portal to higher consciousness where angels can be perceived. Inspired music can restore balance as well as bring inspiration and guidance from the Angelic Realms. Sound frequencies must be of the highest vibration, harmonizing the soul with the higher energy states of angelic beings.

     You may wonder what does this have to do with your life? Angels are here to help us become closer to God, our Higher Power, no matter what religion we claim. First, consider using inspired music as part of your own healing program. Music can be a gateway to your soul. Vibrationally, your body responds through resonance to both harmonious melody and to discordant, harsh sounds. It's really a no-brainer to see which choice will enhance your health, strengthen your immune system, and facilitate emotional and spiritual as well as physical healing.


     If meditation doesn't come easy for you, try relaxing with sacred or harmonious music. "Your emotional, physical, and spiritual will thank you," says Robin. Play sweet, gentle music to soothe your soul and inspire your dreams. Like a tuning fork, your body will resonate, restoring your peace of mind. One little boy won't go to sleep without Robin's music playing. Documents show how certain music is known to facilitate not only creativity but intellectual activity.

     Robin's music is used by medical and other healing professionals all over the country. An Albuquerque surgeon never operates without it playing: "It keeps the nurses and doctors calm and soothed, as well as the patient!" Massage therapists use his music to facilitate emotional release that leads to happier, more flowing lives. Psychologists and therapists testify that Robin's music makes it easier for clients to verbalize feelings. Mothers play his music as they give birth, and even during pregnancy to soothe the frowing fetus. Hospices play his music to facilitate the death transition. Animals and plants also respond to harmonious music. "It's been scientifically proven that there is a definite correlation between vibrational frequency and states of well being." Thousands all over the country play Robin's music to reduce stress. "I just pop a CD in and I don't mind driving through Phoenix traffic," a listener shared. "Now I just go with flow of traffic and I'm happy."

     Why don't we all see angels? "As children, we've been told it's only our imagination, so we shut down." Robin smiles.We must creat a bridge to communicate with the angels. Robin recommends meditation and listening to sacred music. Prayer, inspirational singing, asking to receive guidance before we go to sleep, and taking time to be alone in nature are wonderful ways to connect with Divine energies. Robin feels that this is when we can experience wholeness which makes our soul connect in a deeper way.

     Discordant states of anxiety, stress and fear block us from the guidance our angels are always trying to send us. "The most important thing to realize is that we are forever beings, there really is no death, there really is nothing to fear," smiles Robin. "My mission in playing this music is to assist those who hear it to experience a deeper level of love and joy and to realize they are held in the loving arms of God and His Angels."

     A letter from a grateful listener sums up Robin's music: "You are indeed an Angel sent by God with a gift for helping people feel the love, the peace, the joy and the Light of the Holy Spirit through your music. I can read all the books and attend all the lectures on Spirituality…but through your music I have come to truly feel the love and peace that are always there fore me."


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