Music for Meditation and Relaxation

There is a special kind of music that transports our spirits to places beyond the physical, above the hustle and hurry of everyday life. 

The melodies of the soul exist in this serene and gentle realm. As you listen to Journey Into Light, Transcendence, In the Company of Angels, or Heart of Love, your spirit hears the echo of its own voice. And it smiles. 

At that moment, your body releases the tension that has held you too firmly to the earth. Your mind quiets and allows you to float free. Doing is soon left behind as being who you truly are becomes all that matters. 

It sounds like heaven, doesn't it? Imagine being able to tap into this power to simply BE whenever you wish. It is possible. Combine the inspiration of angelic music with the powerful transformative energy of meditation and other relaxation techniques and you can release the power of spirit that lies within each of us. 



Many techniques and systems exist, all designed to help us relax and escape from the pressures of everyday living. The more hectic our lives become, the more necessary these practices will be. Popular methods for achieving beneficial relaxation include guided imagery, visualization, self-hypnosis, yoga, controlled breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation. 

All of these can, when used properly, promote relaxation. But they do require attention and effort. Listening to serene and uplifting music is an almost effortless way to encourage a relaxed state of mind and body. Whether you combine soothing sounds with other forms of relaxation or simply play a CD in the background while you work or read, your mind and body will respond with a release of tension. 



Many people find that the most effective and inspiring method of relaxtion is meditation. This process of focused awarness or contemplation has been described as the "inner silence," an interlude that refreshes and renews us on many levels. We meditate for a variety of reasons, including spiritual development, self improvement, and healing. One of the goals is, typically, a sense of profound tranquility. Meditation music can help us reach that peaceful state more easily by providing a gentle pathway to the inner self. Floating on a sea of soothing sounds, the concerns of the day drift away and leave you free to find your truth.