Music For Massage Therapy

Many massage therapists have found music to be an important part of the massage experience, both for themselves and for their clients. Soothing sounds offer an ambience that enhances the relaxation and healing processes that massage therapy provides. 

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Several studies have shown that anxiety before surgery (due to fear of pain or complications) can cause an increase in harmful stress hormones, which may lead to slower wound healing, malnutrition, a weakened immune system, and the malfunction of cardiac and digestive systems. Other studies have addressed interventions such as massage therapy and music therapy that can decrease anxiety. The results show that both massage and music therapy can alleviate pre-surgical anxiety in many patients. 

If massage and music can reduce anxiety in surgical settings where patients may be under extreme stress, the combination of the two therapies for individuals experiencing everyday stress should provide significant long-term health benefits. 



Clinical research studies have demonstrated that massage therapy and music therapy have the ability to alter brain patterns, which helps reduce depression. Armed with this knowledge, researchers at Florida Atlantic University launched a study to learn why these therapies work. 

The study monitored brain activity in 30 teenagers diagnosed with depression. Fourteen were given massage therapy and 16 underwent music therapy. EEG asymmetry is associated with negative emotions and depression, so EEG levels were measured before, during, and after each therapy session. 

The results showed a significant improvement in the frontal EEG asymmetry both during and after the therapy sessions. They concluded that massage therapy and music therapy have positive effects on brain activity. 

If massage therapy and music therapy work so well to alleviate depression when used alone, combining the two therapies is likely to provide even greater benefits.