"Robin's music is the closest thing to what I heard in my near death experience." — Dannion Brinkley (International Best Selling Author of "Saved by the Light" and "At Peace In The Light.")


"Robin has developed a synchronicity of sound that generates healing effects on the physical, emotional and psychological bodies ~ celestial healing music." — Annie Kirkwood (Author of "Mary's Message To The World")


"Robin's music comes directly from the angels." — Sylvia Browne (World-renowned psychic) 


"When I first sat to meditate with A Journey Into Light, I could not believe how fast I went into an inner state of peace. And I went so much deeper than I have ever gone before. I just couldn't believe it. What a wondrous gift to meditators or to anyone who wants to journey inward to a blissful state of mind and heart." — John H. (Atlanta, GA) 


"Enchanting is the best word to describe Robin's euphoric album, The Heart of Love. Simply enchanting! Miller weaves together a glossy, reverberated symphony of celestial synthesizer tones, keyboard melodies (that resembles both piano and dulcimer) and angelic vocals so sweet that it's near impossible to not feel at least a tinge of joy while listening. One tune that stands out is, Song For My Son. This musical homage to the artist's departed son is at once heart-breaking and uplifting, a bittersweet sonata of glistening tones and poignant moods. Another highlight, Dancing With The Angels, pairs eloquent piano playing with radiant synthesizer sweeps that resemble a string section. The effect is magical and highly comforting." — Music Design [In Review - May/June 2004]


Medical Practitioners have successfully used Robin's music to soothe and relax their patients. Massage Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Healers and body workers of all kinds use Robin's music in their sessions — even surgeons. 

      "This is the most beautiful music I've ever heard!" — Ole Pelso, M.D.